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Individual Therapy 

50 minutes $350

In individual therapy, you will have space to identify what's at the root of issues in your life, process a currently painful event, or start to approach past hurt that feels too big to address alone. 

EMDR Therapy

50 min $350

Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is an incredible, creative, research-based clinical intervention to help heal symptoms from past trauma. 

50 minutes $350

Full disclosure: I am a childfree woman. And it took 10 years to be able to say that without apologizing or over-explaining. I struggled alone as friends, family and even doctors told me I was wrong for not wanting children and I would definitely change my mind. There is a unique pressure to conform or have your experience and desires dismissed entirely when you decide not to have children. During therapy, we will  address these cultural expectations while centering and honoring your life choices. 

Group Therapy 

75 minutes

Group therapy is an amazing way to work on issues related to relationship-building and maintenance. If it feels hard to open up to others, "vulnerability" makes you cringe, or you struggle with being authentic or honest in relationships, group may be right for you. 

Bottled Up Group Therapy 

75 min

Are you interested in taking a break from drinking? Ever wondered what it would be like to spend weekends hang-over free?


Bottled Up is group created specifically for women who are questioning their relationship with alcohol, curious about sobriety, or looking for additional support and community in a period of abstinence from alcohol. 

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