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Bottled Up:
Sober Support for Women

starting October 1 through October 31

Meets Wednesdays 7-8:15pm 

with a Kick-Off Sat, October 1 &

Wrap-Up Mon, October 31

see below for early bird pricing & details 

Wine Bottles

You go in circles thinking…


I know I don’t have a problem… It’s not like I’m missing work.

Even though I feel like I absolutely need a drink or two to relax after a rough day…

You say “I deserve it.”

But then you think “I should probably take a break.”


You assure yourself with all the reasons you aren’t the “A” word…


It’s not really drinking if it’s just wine.


But you also find it very hard, if not impossible to stop drinking for more than 1 or 2 days a week.


Your colleague did Dry January and you’re annoyed, jealous and impressed at the same time. 


You wonder if they struggled like you did when you tried. 


You feel tired.


And secretly ashamed at how much space thoughts of drinking and not drinking rent in your head.


You ignore the exhaustion and headache that you feel most mornings. Sometimes, you convince yourself that it’s just dehydration or stress at work.


But most of the time, you think, “Tomorrow will be different. 


And promise to not drink for the next few days.


But then you remember you have Bottomless Brunch with the girls on Saturday.


And Sam’s birthday is next week.


And there's that happy hour for work. 


Even though it feels illogical, there’s a major fear people will think you’re pregnant if you say you aren’t drinking.


Then you have the family vacation two weeks later. You definitely don’t feel like questions from mom about being booze-free.




"Next month. I’ll start next month."


You want to follow through on this intention.

You want to wake up without worry or the anxiety of

“What did I say last night?”


Without the weight of exhaustion and regret.


You can wake up without worry.  You can wake up refreshed. You can relax without a drink.


And you don’t have to do it alone.


I help women who are interested in exploring a different relationship with alcohol.

The Bottled Up Group is perfect for you if:

  • You are curious about sobriety and exploring a period of abstinence

  • You wonder what it would be like to spend weekends hangover free

  •  You are looking for support & company of other sober women cheering you along 

  • Are needing a judgment-free community that understands how hard, but important this time is

The Bottled Up Group includes:

  • One 15 minute video consultation*

  • 6 supportive virtual group sessions

  • Strategies for coping with social pressures and anxiety

  • A community of like-minded women 

  • Written Journal Assignments

    Fees &

Dates: 10/1-10/31 All sessions meet virtually 

First Kick-Off Session: Saturday 10/1 from 7-8:15pm 

Regular Sessions: Wednesday evenings (10/5, 10/12, 10/19, 10/26) from 7-8:15pm

Final Wrap-Up Session: Monday 10/31 from 7-8:15pm 

EARLY BIRD PRICING! $360 ($60/ session) Sign up by 9/16 

                     After 9/16 $420 ($70/ session) 

Includes one 15-minute video consultation*; written journal assignments; 6 supportive virtual, group sessions; strategies for coping with social pressures and anxiety, and a community of like-minded women. The group will be kept intentionally small (no more than 6 women) to give time, space and a foundation of safety. 

Forms of Payment Accepted: HSA card, credit/debit card or Zelle, payment can be made in one sum or be paid each week 

*During your phone consultation you will be evaluated for entry into the group. This group is not intended to be an alternative to in-treatment detox or rehabilitation and is not appropriate for someone with a serious alcohol misuse problem. 

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