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Learn to Hold 
Boundaries with Care

A 6-week virtual group workshop 

May 10-June 14


Wednesdays 6:15-7:30pm

Learn to Hold Boundaries With Care is starting its next group May 10. In this group, we will define what boundaries are, identify areas & situations where you may need boundaries and have the opportunity to receive supportive feedback, guidance and compassion.


Boundaries are a skill, which means we were not born knowing how to use them and must intentionally develop them. In this group, everyone will learn boundaries together. 



This group is for anyone who:


  • Grew up having to “guess at normal”

  • Ever got in trouble for saying “no”

  • Learned people pleasing as a survival skill

  • Is scared they will lose a relationship if they disappoint someone

  • Is scared they will lose their job if they don’t work all the time

  • Is scared of any potential for conflict

  • Has an autoimmune disorder or chronic illness and still puts others first

  • Often says “yes” in the moment and later regrets it

  • Doesn’t believe they are allowed to change their minds


Investment:  $450 ($75/ session)

Can be paid in one sum or each week

Includes one 15-minute video consultation*; 6 supportive virtual, group sessions; trauma-informed group support and psycho-education about boundary work. The group will be kept intentionally small (no more than 6) to give time, space and a foundation of safety.

All ages and genders welcome, must be in individual therapy 

Forms of Payment Accepted: HSA/FSA card, credit/debit card or Zelle, payment can be made in one sum or be paid each week before group.  


You should plan to attend all 6 weeks. There will be no refunds for missed group sessions for any reason. 

*During your video consultation you will be evaluated for entry into the group. 

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