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Healing Your Past
for a
Brighter Future

Compassionate Psychotherapy | EMDR 

In-Person in Lower Manhattan                    Telehealth in NY


No matter how many achievements you met

or goals you’ve surpassed…
You never feel the satisfaction you hoped for.


To the outside, you are a proud, perfectionist workaholic

You are successful & shouldn’t have a complaint in the world. 


But inside you are suffering - 


Constantly questioning yourself,  


Second-guessing what you did, 


What you said, 


Or what you wrote in an email. 


You may seem cool on the outside, but you are definitely sweating the small stuff.


You envy colleagues who excitedly talk about the vacation they are planning with their partner.


Must be nice,”  you think ….


And then immediately self-blame. They must be doing something right that you aren’t.


Or maybe it's that thing you don't want to talk about, the thing you've kept pushing down for so many years. 


You wish you felt worthy of a healthy relationship…but instead you settle for the one you’ve got...


Who has time to start over?


There’s an endless to-do list and your mind never turns “off”. 


You lay awake at night unable to sleep despite being exhausted.  


You can’t remember the last time you woke up feeling rested. You shame yourself & think… "I don’t even have kids, I shouldn’t be this tired."


If you read another inspirational quote about meditation,

you’re going to actually scream.

The only way you can relax or sleep is with a drink or an edible.


You want to show up for yourself the same way that you do for everyone else.


You dream of no-work vacations and saying "no" to working another weekend. 


You want to enjoy your time off guilt-free.


You want to genuinely accept a compliment. 


You want to get out of your head when you’re with loved ones and  be present.


You want to laugh again.

You want to wake up  feeling rested. 

You want to fall asleep without needing to drink a glass of wine or 3.


You want to find other ways to “take the edge off” and decompress.  


You want to trust that you don’t have to do it all and you want to ask for help without feeling guilty. 


You want to manage the anxiety instead of it ruling your life.



I work with men and women who are living in survival mode, trying to cope with the trauma that changed the world from safe to dangerous, who have the tiniest voice inside that says “Maybe I need help?” 


If you are ready to heal the past that is still present, please reach out. You don't have to do it all alone. I'm here to help you live a present-focused & fuller life. I invite you to book your free consultation today.

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